Top quality wine consultancy
services to Russian market

Mera Consulting

Top quality wine consultancy<br>services to Russian market

Mera Consulting offers consulting services to wineries of all sizes and international wine companies for successful entering and developing in Russian wine market.

Mera Consulting is completely independent company with professional team which provides strategies, consultations and services in wine sales, wine marketing and branding.

We especially focus on providing clients with Russian importation rules, administrative regulations and laws, certification and sanitarium procedures and other all-important info.

We help you to prepare first business trip and support you in taking commercial decisions overcoming all barriers of national mindset.

Mera Consulting believes the client comes first so we give you the best of our creativity, enthusiasm and brilliant concepts.

Deep inside and expertise in Russian wine market as well as 5 years experience representing from family owned wineries to international businesses means that we well understand the need for return on marketing investments.

Mera Consulting possess unique combination of knowledge working closely with Sommelier Associations and Schools, Bartenders and Top Chefs Associations, Union of Members of Alcoholic Market (SUAR) and has as partners the prominent Wine Promotional Agencies, Academies of Service and Educational Trusts.

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